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Europe Scholarships: Funds in European countries and/or awards for Europeans

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Albania scholarships, Andorra scholarships, Armenia scholarships, Armenia scholarships, Azerbaijan scholarships, Belarus scholarships, Belgium scholarships, Bosnia & Herzegovina scholarships, Bulgaria scholarships, Croatia scholarships, Cyprus scholarships, Czech Republic scholarships, Denmark scholarships, Estonia scholarships, Finland scholarships, France scholarships, Georgia scholarships, Germany scholarships, Greece scholarships, Hungary scholarships, Iceland scholarships, Ireland scholarships, Italy scholarships, Kosovo scholarships, Latvia scholarships, Liechtenstein scholarships, Lithuania scholarships, Luxembourg scholarships, Macedonia scholarships, Malta scholarships, Moldova scholarships, Monaco scholarships, Montenegro scholarships, The Netherlands scholarships, Norway scholarships, Poland scholarships, Portugal scholarships, Romania scholarships, Russia scholarships, San Marino scholarships, Serbia scholarships, Slovakia scholarships, Slovenia scholarships, Spain scholarships, Sweden scholarships, Switzerland scholarships, Ukraine scholarships, United Kingdom scholarships, Vatican City scholarships

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